Today when I look around in the world, what do I see
I see footprints that man have left on the sand
While waking through time
I see fruits of our ambition
Figments of our imagination
And I ask myself, when will it end? When will it end?

It is plain to see universally this land is not bountiful as it was
Simply because in his quest for success
Nothing stands in man's way
Old rivers run dry, soon the birds won't fly
The mountains will be no longer high
And when I really think of it
I does wonder why, oh why?

I see charity deplored, equal rights totally ignored
Wisdom and ingenuity working in accord, simply to afford
Such inventions as thermonuclear warfare and environmental warfare
And I wonder now, where do we go from here?

Prophets everywhere gaze upon the horizon and declare that judgment will come
As the savage hands of unscrupulous men defile everything pass by
Time is running out as we eat and drink species at the brink of being extinct
And I think no one can deny that the price of progress is high, real high

I see consciousness as bait, as today we live recklessly
Money make the goods inflate and thereby create a turbulent state
I see a struggle between the sexes
New hang-ups and old complexes
Now the question is
Right in context, what shall be next?

I've already seen this world have 'come divided between race, colour, creed
and class
And some of the things the scripture predict truthfully come to pass
Soil that wouldn't bear
Children making children to be a part of this growing mass
And I ask, if this is progress, how long will it last?