I used to think I was "the man"
My life was mine, that I had all the time.
I used to think that what I did
It was so good, it was so fine.
I used to sing, I used to dance
I thought I was the best you see.
And all the time the Lord was very patient,
Waiting just for me.
Bum, bum, bum, bum,
Oh-oo, Oh-oo, Oh-oo, Oh-oo
Anachnu dor mitzuyan. (4xs total)
Verse 2:
There was a day, I used to say,
That all I needed was time to play,
And in the night, with all my might
I'd do the things that were not right.
I didn't care, I didn't dare.
I couldn't see, I wouldn't see.
God was looking, He was loving,
God was longing-waiting just for me.
Bum, bum, bum, bum.
No se como lo hice,
como fue que pude vivir sin Él,
ahora se que nunca nunca quiero estar sin él otra vez,/x2
otra vez...