If I Told You
Verse 1 -- Blazza
If I told you that I love you, would you ever love me back
I promise no more pain and no more heart attacks
I promise that your world again will never be black
If you roll with me I promise love and give you all that
If I told you that I miss you, would you ever miss me too?
Cuz you're only girl, yeah I wanna be with you
I will always make you feel good when you feelin blue
And always kiss you back when you kiss me too
It's funny how I fell for you right from the start
Cuz I really be with you and never fall apart
You should never feel scared, I will always be here
If you ever need me girl, I will be there
Thinkin maybe I should just give it some time
But you're with him so am I wastin my time?
Maybe you will see what I say is forreal
Maybe you'll understand everything that I feel

Chorus - Krazie K

Verse 2 - Dex
What if I told you everything I wanna say
Would you stick by my side promise forever you'll stay?
See I wanna tell you every single lil bit
Your eyes, your body, you're my best sidekick
And I wanna say your beautiful but girl im kinda shy
I'm the type of guy that would never ever lie
Sike, alright, but ill tell you what
No matter what happens you'll always have my love
See I wanna tell you things I never told before
Every little secret and you're the one that I adore
Baby girl I promise there's much much more
And will I ever leave you? Oh girl, heck naw!
We been there we done that and everything is good
And life uh take uh we're the perfect two
But let's keep it simple and let's keep it real
Cuz I L.O.V.E Y.O.U

Bridge - Blazza
If I told you how I feel
Would think that I'm forreal?
Cuz I wanna say that I miss you
These feelins I can't conceal
If I told you that I love you
Would, would you love me too?
You don't need a guy who makes you cry
You deserve a guy who can take you high